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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waitangi week chez le bubble

With the sad departure of a seasonnaire stalwart Tom Pinches this week, we commiserated at the bubble with Pinches' pitchers. Everyone got spectacularly drunk, which made everything a bit easier as by closing time no-one could remember their own name, let alone who Pinches was.

Wine tasting comes around at the bubble again this week, with our extensive wine selection being put to the test by connoisseurs and cultural wastelands alike. Those filling the later category can revel in the knowledge they are drinking some good wines at house prices.

On Wednesday we've got live music, and it's gonna be awesome, although who exactly it is going to be remains something of a secret. (Possibly to us as well). There are various bands in the pipeline, but we're playing hard to get. Treat 'em mean....

Waitangi day, as you all well know, is New Zealand's national day. And at the bubble we are joining our kiwi bretherin by having a BBQ. It's gonna be great food, at cheap prices with 2 euro beers ta boot. What more could you ask for? Well, I guess for it to snow as much as it is in the UK. We're working on it.

Friday sees the much-awaited return of Bobble at the Bubble. Wear a bobble hat, half price drinks. Simple as that.

And on Saturday, they'll be standing in the aisles for what is surely now the biggest pub quiz in Courchevel. The prize remains the same, 50 euros behind the bar. The questions, well they're gonna change, because otherwise it'd be too easy.

We'd better see you in the bubble this week. In the words of a cult nineties childrens tv show: be there or be square.