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Monday, March 23, 2009

Le Bubble: Pretty much everything you're looking for this week....

So Monday (23rd) this week brought the first of three installments of LIVE MUSIC at le bubble. Book'em Danno pulled out some quality apres numbers, with even a little guest appearance from another major Alpine Band. Their debut appearance out of the Meribel valley was a great success. Fact.

Tuesday (24th) we are GOING LARGE. From 7pm, singles are doubles, demis are pints, little wine glasses are big 'uns, you get the picture. Basically, it's like having two nights out in one. It's gonna be a large night, make no mistake. Any lady that claims not to drink pints, only demis, can leave her refined sensibilities outside the door. Thank you very much.

Wednesday (25th) is DR BRUCE. Last time I saw this lot it was ruddy amazing, except for the fact by the end you could be fooled the bar was covered in gravel. Le Bubble is not a Greek Restaurant. We like our glasses. Loads. Anyway, they're on from 10pm. Get involved.

Thursday (26th) is race day in 1650, and we are catering to the masses with 4play Apres Live Music. These guys don't normally do apres, but this is a special occasion. If you (/we) have managed to recover from the night before, this one could be even bigger. On the plus side, you'll be battered by 8pm, and tucked up in bed by half past, ready for.....

Friday (27th) the ever-popular JAGERDAY. "Jager, Jager, Jager" (repeat as required). Three euros a pop, with the prospect of a jagertrain spectacle, pretty much no-one says no, and you certainly won't find this brilliant concoction cheaper in Courchevel. The bar will be sticky. You are warned in advance.

Saturday (28th), the old classic QUIZ NIGHT. It always brings heros down to zero, zeros up to hero, controversy, inexplicable drunkeness, and someone leaving in a huff. But if these things didn't happen, it'd just be boring. Get revising.

Whether you're here for the week or you're here for the season, if you're in Courchevel and you don't come to the Bubble this week, you'll have far fewer stories to regail your grand-kids with in years to come. It may sound brutal, but it's true.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marching on at the Bubble

If you thought they were going to have a quiet week in Corchevel 1650, you may wish to place your hands firmly over your eyes and turn your head the other way. However those with a stronger disposition, please read on....

Monday (2nd), Greg's back for LIVE APRES MUSIC. Not only is he ruddy good, we're also doing FREE NACHOS as well. I know, I know, we're spoiling you.

Tuesday (3rd) sees the welcome return to TOP ALPINE BAND, 4PLAY. From 10pm you can expect to have a cracking time and we can expect to spend our time wading through the dancing crowds sweeping up glasses. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday (4th) is going to be a winner. For oh so many different reasons. I'm afraid it all needs to be capitalised. VINTAGE SKI GEAR, 80's TUNES, SKI RAFFLE, GUEST BAR STAFF and VINTAGE PRICES. It's all from 10pm and IT'S FOR CHARITY. I is like well excited.

Thursday (5th), JAGER DAY is back. 3 euros all day from 8am. Anyone who has the guts to have a Jagerbomb that early is a bigger man than me. (Which isn't saying much).

Friday (6th) is both LIVE APRES MUSIC with the now 1650 acclaimed Fred n Adam, from 5pm, as well as it being CIDER NIGHT - 4 euro magners, 10 euro strongbow jugs from 4pm. Get your Burberry hats out, we're in for a big 'un.

Saturday (7th) = QUIZ NIGHT. 50 euro bar tab at stake, as well as your intellectual integrity. 2 euro entry, but the rewards are priceless.

As Mo-March begins this week, not only can you expect to see seasonnaires growing some appalling facial hair in the name of charity, you can also expect a stormer at the bubble. Get. Involved.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

An heroic week at the bubble

Monday (23rd) this week will bring LIVE APRES MUSIC to your ears from 5-7pm. And not only that, we're even dishing out FREE NACHOS for all. With this coinciding with happy hour, you would be hard pushed to find a better place to pop into after an epic day on the slopes.

Tuesday (24th) seasonnaires and holiday-makers alike will be reveling in the opportunity to BEAT THE BARMAID. Our fair dames will be flexing all their finest skills and party-tricks in an attempt to prove themselves the finest barmaids the three valleys has to offer. A beaten maiden will be handing out free drinks, a victorious one will take great pleasure in knowing she is better than you.

Wednesday (25th) we're getting HEROES AND VILLANS FANCY DRESS in the bubble. Expect a good night filled with all your faves, and no doubt some completely obscure and unidentifiable costumes from people who think they are just that little bit smarter than everybody else. Anyone who comes along without a costume can expect to be booed out the building.

Thursday (26th) we're giving a quality feeding at the bubble from 7pm. PANININIS BECOME PIZZAS as we whip out all the fillings to make the margaritas, hawaiians, chorizo numbers and more. Along with a pint, to make a massive meal deal saving, you'd be a crazy fool to miss the opportunity.

Firday (27th) sees the return of the ever-popular Fred 'n Adam to do some more LIVE APRES MUSIC for us. Based on the last couple of weeks, this will be a cracking apres with (fingers crossed) more than a few people dancing their way through to 7pm. The talented duo have even now brought a song menu, possibly in an attempt to stop mildly innebriated Bubble guests yelling obscure songs at them believing they can literally play anything ever written. (Although they do their best).

Saturday (28th). Quiz night. 50 euro bar tab to be won. It's very simple, it's very popular and it may well get more than a little competetive.

There aren't many great bars in 1650, there aren't many great bars to get a cheap lunch, there aren't many great bars that offer variety every day, there aren't any bars like the Bubble. Fact.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Falling in love at / with the bubble this week...

The ever-popular and ever-messy BOBBLE AT THE BUBBLE comes about on Monday this week, with half price drinks for all and sundry. Don your bobble hat and have a good night. From 7-11 pm. This week's bobble was a raucous affair where some classic tunes made it a night to remember / immediately forget.

Tuesday, we're getting numerate and having a STOCK EXCHANGE NIGHT. How exactly this works, can really only be understood by some of the finest financial minds in the land, but all you need to know is the more you drink, the cheaper the drink gets. It starts at 10pm, and ends at the close of the Nikkei. Or closing time, whichever one comes first.

On Wednesday we are endeavouring to warm everyone up with a spot of 4PLAY at the bubble. Get ready for the night of your lives. Live Music of this kind of quality can rarely be seen in the Alps, so try not to climax too soon. From 10pm, for as long as you can last.

Everyone needs a good curry for lunch so that's what we're giving you on Thursday at the Bubble. It's happening from 12pm, at the awesome price of 5 euros, you won't find a cheaper lunch of this quality in courchevel. Fact.

Friday sees seasonnaires and holiday makers alike getting lucky for valentines. Play the odds to win free drinks, free rounds and maybe even a spot of free love. It starts at 10pm, and as the clock strikes 12 there'll be some barely romantic but most likely very cheap drink deals to seal a good night.

Saturday. Quiz night. If you haven't heard about the Bubble quiz already, then you need to sort that immediately. Every Saturday we're packed out, every saturday there's a 50 euro bar tab to be won, and every saturday someone moans that their answer is the right one when it quite clearly isn't. You provide the thinking caps, we'll provide the dunce corner.

There've been good weeks at the bubble, and there've been great weeks at the bubble, but this week is a whole different matter. Jennifer Anniston, an intellectual inspiration of mine once commented, 'there are no regrets in life just lessons'. What does she know? She divorced Brad. Fool. If you don't turn up to the bubble this week, you'll regret it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waitangi week chez le bubble

With the sad departure of a seasonnaire stalwart Tom Pinches this week, we commiserated at the bubble with Pinches' pitchers. Everyone got spectacularly drunk, which made everything a bit easier as by closing time no-one could remember their own name, let alone who Pinches was.

Wine tasting comes around at the bubble again this week, with our extensive wine selection being put to the test by connoisseurs and cultural wastelands alike. Those filling the later category can revel in the knowledge they are drinking some good wines at house prices.

On Wednesday we've got live music, and it's gonna be awesome, although who exactly it is going to be remains something of a secret. (Possibly to us as well). There are various bands in the pipeline, but we're playing hard to get. Treat 'em mean....

Waitangi day, as you all well know, is New Zealand's national day. And at the bubble we are joining our kiwi bretherin by having a BBQ. It's gonna be great food, at cheap prices with 2 euro beers ta boot. What more could you ask for? Well, I guess for it to snow as much as it is in the UK. We're working on it.

Friday sees the much-awaited return of Bobble at the Bubble. Wear a bobble hat, half price drinks. Simple as that.

And on Saturday, they'll be standing in the aisles for what is surely now the biggest pub quiz in Courchevel. The prize remains the same, 50 euros behind the bar. The questions, well they're gonna change, because otherwise it'd be too easy.

We'd better see you in the bubble this week. In the words of a cult nineties childrens tv show: be there or be square.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A thumping week at the bubble. (Probably the best bar in Courchevel)

Well we've tried and we've tested, and this week we pretty much reckon we've got it spot on. If you're in courchevel 1650 this week (or can make it here by any imaginable means) you'd be a fool not to come and see what we've got on.....

So, MULLIT are coming in to show us what they've got on Monday night (the 19th, 10pm). For those of you that haven't heard of them before, they're as big as Alpine bands come, and bizarrely they have absolutely no mullets between them. But please, don't let that put you off, they're awesome. Expect a great night.

WINE TASTING on Tuesday has become a fine Bubble tradition. All wines at house-prices. And let it be noted, we've got some crackers.

Wednesday night may see the sort of debauchery that is only likely to happen a few times this season in 1650. For 16 minute periods throughout the night, a certain drink will be 50 cents. Get it? 16 minutes. 50 cent drinks. IT'S LIKE 1650. The first drink will be demis of mutzig. The drinks will be changing through the night. (You may not remember them, but we can assure you they will).

Thursday, we'll be holding a LUNCH AT THE BUBBLE. Get a serious bowl of chilli for 5 euros before you all head back up the slopes to take full advantage of the snow this week.

Friday brings a touch of class to 1650 as we have COCKTAIL NIGHT. Dresses are encouraged to fit the occasion (particularly for the boys) and I guess the girls too.

And finally, Saturday = QUIZ NIGHT. Each week the numbers have been growing with prize staying a marvellous 50 euro tab behind the bar. Couple of euros to enter and get your knowing nod at the ready for when we read out the answers.

There we have it. Live music, heavy boozing, quality lunches and sophistication, what we don't have at the bubble this week ain't worth having.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A bit of a mixed stocking this week....

Sam Burrows entertained us for apres-ski yesterday with another brilliant acoustic set. Accompanied bya man who could make extraordinary drumming noises from just one box, we look forward to seeing them again next Monday and the Monday after and the Monday after.... you get the idea.

Wine tasting tonight will allow the more sophisticated amongst us and those who are merely pretending to swish some of France's finest around their mouths whilst nodding knowingly. All wines at house prices. Spit buckets are available on request but heavily frowned upon.

Christmas eve sees even more live music. (We know full-well we're spoiling you). 2 euros a Vin Chaud (pronounced 'vinn chod' by those less willing to speak the local dialect), mince pies and festive spirit galore.

Boxing day will leave even the least competetive amongst you quivering with antcipation as the barmen step up to the fore and challenge you to all manner of different tasks in order for you to have a cheaper night with free drinks on offer to the victors. You better get in training. Obviously you have no idea what we'll be doing, so that is going to be no mean feat.

On Saturday we've got quiz night. Bring your thinking caps. We'll provide the dunce hats where applicable.

If Carlsberg made Christmas weeks, they would pale in comparison to the one at the Bubble.....