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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Falling in love at / with the bubble this week...

The ever-popular and ever-messy BOBBLE AT THE BUBBLE comes about on Monday this week, with half price drinks for all and sundry. Don your bobble hat and have a good night. From 7-11 pm. This week's bobble was a raucous affair where some classic tunes made it a night to remember / immediately forget.

Tuesday, we're getting numerate and having a STOCK EXCHANGE NIGHT. How exactly this works, can really only be understood by some of the finest financial minds in the land, but all you need to know is the more you drink, the cheaper the drink gets. It starts at 10pm, and ends at the close of the Nikkei. Or closing time, whichever one comes first.

On Wednesday we are endeavouring to warm everyone up with a spot of 4PLAY at the bubble. Get ready for the night of your lives. Live Music of this kind of quality can rarely be seen in the Alps, so try not to climax too soon. From 10pm, for as long as you can last.

Everyone needs a good curry for lunch so that's what we're giving you on Thursday at the Bubble. It's happening from 12pm, at the awesome price of 5 euros, you won't find a cheaper lunch of this quality in courchevel. Fact.

Friday sees seasonnaires and holiday makers alike getting lucky for valentines. Play the odds to win free drinks, free rounds and maybe even a spot of free love. It starts at 10pm, and as the clock strikes 12 there'll be some barely romantic but most likely very cheap drink deals to seal a good night.

Saturday. Quiz night. If you haven't heard about the Bubble quiz already, then you need to sort that immediately. Every Saturday we're packed out, every saturday there's a 50 euro bar tab to be won, and every saturday someone moans that their answer is the right one when it quite clearly isn't. You provide the thinking caps, we'll provide the dunce corner.

There've been good weeks at the bubble, and there've been great weeks at the bubble, but this week is a whole different matter. Jennifer Anniston, an intellectual inspiration of mine once commented, 'there are no regrets in life just lessons'. What does she know? She divorced Brad. Fool. If you don't turn up to the bubble this week, you'll regret it.