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Saturday, February 21, 2009

An heroic week at the bubble

Monday (23rd) this week will bring LIVE APRES MUSIC to your ears from 5-7pm. And not only that, we're even dishing out FREE NACHOS for all. With this coinciding with happy hour, you would be hard pushed to find a better place to pop into after an epic day on the slopes.

Tuesday (24th) seasonnaires and holiday-makers alike will be reveling in the opportunity to BEAT THE BARMAID. Our fair dames will be flexing all their finest skills and party-tricks in an attempt to prove themselves the finest barmaids the three valleys has to offer. A beaten maiden will be handing out free drinks, a victorious one will take great pleasure in knowing she is better than you.

Wednesday (25th) we're getting HEROES AND VILLANS FANCY DRESS in the bubble. Expect a good night filled with all your faves, and no doubt some completely obscure and unidentifiable costumes from people who think they are just that little bit smarter than everybody else. Anyone who comes along without a costume can expect to be booed out the building.

Thursday (26th) we're giving a quality feeding at the bubble from 7pm. PANININIS BECOME PIZZAS as we whip out all the fillings to make the margaritas, hawaiians, chorizo numbers and more. Along with a pint, to make a massive meal deal saving, you'd be a crazy fool to miss the opportunity.

Firday (27th) sees the return of the ever-popular Fred 'n Adam to do some more LIVE APRES MUSIC for us. Based on the last couple of weeks, this will be a cracking apres with (fingers crossed) more than a few people dancing their way through to 7pm. The talented duo have even now brought a song menu, possibly in an attempt to stop mildly innebriated Bubble guests yelling obscure songs at them believing they can literally play anything ever written. (Although they do their best).

Saturday (28th). Quiz night. 50 euro bar tab to be won. It's very simple, it's very popular and it may well get more than a little competetive.

There aren't many great bars in 1650, there aren't many great bars to get a cheap lunch, there aren't many great bars that offer variety every day, there aren't any bars like the Bubble. Fact.