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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marching on at the Bubble

If you thought they were going to have a quiet week in Corchevel 1650, you may wish to place your hands firmly over your eyes and turn your head the other way. However those with a stronger disposition, please read on....

Monday (2nd), Greg's back for LIVE APRES MUSIC. Not only is he ruddy good, we're also doing FREE NACHOS as well. I know, I know, we're spoiling you.

Tuesday (3rd) sees the welcome return to TOP ALPINE BAND, 4PLAY. From 10pm you can expect to have a cracking time and we can expect to spend our time wading through the dancing crowds sweeping up glasses. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday (4th) is going to be a winner. For oh so many different reasons. I'm afraid it all needs to be capitalised. VINTAGE SKI GEAR, 80's TUNES, SKI RAFFLE, GUEST BAR STAFF and VINTAGE PRICES. It's all from 10pm and IT'S FOR CHARITY. I is like well excited.

Thursday (5th), JAGER DAY is back. 3 euros all day from 8am. Anyone who has the guts to have a Jagerbomb that early is a bigger man than me. (Which isn't saying much).

Friday (6th) is both LIVE APRES MUSIC with the now 1650 acclaimed Fred n Adam, from 5pm, as well as it being CIDER NIGHT - 4 euro magners, 10 euro strongbow jugs from 4pm. Get your Burberry hats out, we're in for a big 'un.

Saturday (7th) = QUIZ NIGHT. 50 euro bar tab at stake, as well as your intellectual integrity. 2 euro entry, but the rewards are priceless.

As Mo-March begins this week, not only can you expect to see seasonnaires growing some appalling facial hair in the name of charity, you can also expect a stormer at the bubble. Get. Involved.