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Monday, March 23, 2009

Le Bubble: Pretty much everything you're looking for this week....

So Monday (23rd) this week brought the first of three installments of LIVE MUSIC at le bubble. Book'em Danno pulled out some quality apres numbers, with even a little guest appearance from another major Alpine Band. Their debut appearance out of the Meribel valley was a great success. Fact.

Tuesday (24th) we are GOING LARGE. From 7pm, singles are doubles, demis are pints, little wine glasses are big 'uns, you get the picture. Basically, it's like having two nights out in one. It's gonna be a large night, make no mistake. Any lady that claims not to drink pints, only demis, can leave her refined sensibilities outside the door. Thank you very much.

Wednesday (25th) is DR BRUCE. Last time I saw this lot it was ruddy amazing, except for the fact by the end you could be fooled the bar was covered in gravel. Le Bubble is not a Greek Restaurant. We like our glasses. Loads. Anyway, they're on from 10pm. Get involved.

Thursday (26th) is race day in 1650, and we are catering to the masses with 4play Apres Live Music. These guys don't normally do apres, but this is a special occasion. If you (/we) have managed to recover from the night before, this one could be even bigger. On the plus side, you'll be battered by 8pm, and tucked up in bed by half past, ready for.....

Friday (27th) the ever-popular JAGERDAY. "Jager, Jager, Jager" (repeat as required). Three euros a pop, with the prospect of a jagertrain spectacle, pretty much no-one says no, and you certainly won't find this brilliant concoction cheaper in Courchevel. The bar will be sticky. You are warned in advance.

Saturday (28th), the old classic QUIZ NIGHT. It always brings heros down to zero, zeros up to hero, controversy, inexplicable drunkeness, and someone leaving in a huff. But if these things didn't happen, it'd just be boring. Get revising.

Whether you're here for the week or you're here for the season, if you're in Courchevel and you don't come to the Bubble this week, you'll have far fewer stories to regail your grand-kids with in years to come. It may sound brutal, but it's true.