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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A thumping week at the bubble. (Probably the best bar in Courchevel)

Well we've tried and we've tested, and this week we pretty much reckon we've got it spot on. If you're in courchevel 1650 this week (or can make it here by any imaginable means) you'd be a fool not to come and see what we've got on.....

So, MULLIT are coming in to show us what they've got on Monday night (the 19th, 10pm). For those of you that haven't heard of them before, they're as big as Alpine bands come, and bizarrely they have absolutely no mullets between them. But please, don't let that put you off, they're awesome. Expect a great night.

WINE TASTING on Tuesday has become a fine Bubble tradition. All wines at house-prices. And let it be noted, we've got some crackers.

Wednesday night may see the sort of debauchery that is only likely to happen a few times this season in 1650. For 16 minute periods throughout the night, a certain drink will be 50 cents. Get it? 16 minutes. 50 cent drinks. IT'S LIKE 1650. The first drink will be demis of mutzig. The drinks will be changing through the night. (You may not remember them, but we can assure you they will).

Thursday, we'll be holding a LUNCH AT THE BUBBLE. Get a serious bowl of chilli for 5 euros before you all head back up the slopes to take full advantage of the snow this week.

Friday brings a touch of class to 1650 as we have COCKTAIL NIGHT. Dresses are encouraged to fit the occasion (particularly for the boys) and I guess the girls too.

And finally, Saturday = QUIZ NIGHT. Each week the numbers have been growing with prize staying a marvellous 50 euro tab behind the bar. Couple of euros to enter and get your knowing nod at the ready for when we read out the answers.

There we have it. Live music, heavy boozing, quality lunches and sophistication, what we don't have at the bubble this week ain't worth having.