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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A bit of a mixed stocking this week....

Sam Burrows entertained us for apres-ski yesterday with another brilliant acoustic set. Accompanied bya man who could make extraordinary drumming noises from just one box, we look forward to seeing them again next Monday and the Monday after and the Monday after.... you get the idea.

Wine tasting tonight will allow the more sophisticated amongst us and those who are merely pretending to swish some of France's finest around their mouths whilst nodding knowingly. All wines at house prices. Spit buckets are available on request but heavily frowned upon.

Christmas eve sees even more live music. (We know full-well we're spoiling you). 2 euros a Vin Chaud (pronounced 'vinn chod' by those less willing to speak the local dialect), mince pies and festive spirit galore.

Boxing day will leave even the least competetive amongst you quivering with antcipation as the barmen step up to the fore and challenge you to all manner of different tasks in order for you to have a cheaper night with free drinks on offer to the victors. You better get in training. Obviously you have no idea what we'll be doing, so that is going to be no mean feat.

On Saturday we've got quiz night. Bring your thinking caps. We'll provide the dunce hats where applicable.

If Carlsberg made Christmas weeks, they would pale in comparison to the one at the Bubble.....